Episode 1 : First Times

In this introductory episode, Cleo & Zuzanna share their first experiences: as sex workers, the first time they met, and the first time they realized sex work is more than just sex.  15 Oct 2018 47:09

Episode 2 : Backpage & Screening for Safety

Backpage was the premier advertising platform for sex workers, until it was suddenly seized an shut down by the US government. Zuzanna and Cleo talk about the importance of reliable advertising platforms: "When something like this happens, it really reminds you that you're in a very stigmatized and marginalized role, and [authorities] can take something away from you overnight, without warning."   22 Oct 2018  47:00

Episode 4 : How to Be A Good Client

Zuzu & Cleo remind us that it takes two to tango, and reveal all the questions they HATE being asked at work!
05 Nov 2018  54:44

Episode 5 : Hookers with Hearts of Gold

Cleo & Zuzu go to the movies! The gals dissect classic "hooker with a heart of gold" Hollywood films - what's real, what isn't, and what's just plain weird.   12 Nov 2018  50:34

Episode 6 : The ABCs of BDSM

Cleo & Zuzanna explore the pleasure in the pain and perspectives from both ends of the whip!   19 Nov 2018  46:12

Episode 3 : FOSTA/SESTA

Cleo & Zuzanna address FOSTA / SESTA and the real effect the law has on sex trafficking, and the real impact on the majority of sex workers. "It's like if you post something racist on Facebook, you may get fired from your job but Facebook itself doesn't get shut down."   29 Oct 2018  39:21

Episode 8 : Sex Work & Dating

Do sex workers have relationships outside of work? Cleo & Zuzu chat with a "civilian" friend currently dating a sex worker and get the inside story.   03 Dec 2018  38:12

Episode 7 : The Business of Pleasure

The oldest profession in the world knows a thing or two about business. BONUS: Tips for Newbies!   26 Nov 2018  35:58

Episode 9 : Consent & Club Culture

"Consent isn't sexy; consent is mandatory." Cleo and Zuzanna take us into the world of Berlin nightclubs and the issues of consent, the dangers for femmes, and what can be done about it.   10 Dec 2018  43:14

Episode 10 : Q&A + How to Be Good at Sex

It's the Season Finale!! Cleo & Zuzu answer your questions and gifts loyal listeners with some free tips on how to be good at sex (!!)   17 Dec 2018  46:34

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